DLRSS event on the Remo platform, with a flashing message "you are here!"

DLRSS event on the Remo platform, with a flashing message “you are here!”

At Borealis AI, we want to help develop the AI and ML leaders of tomorrow. And that means supporting dynamic and collaborative programs like the CIFAR Deep Learning + Reinforcement Learning (DLRL) Summer School.
Each year, the DLRL Summer School brings together graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and professionals to discuss current foundational research, explore new developments and preview real-world DLRL applications. Attendees are encouraged to network with other students and prominent leaders in the field while learning the technical skills to become successful practitioners in machine learning.

“Borealis AI believes that AI and ML can make the world a better place. But only if we have a diversity of viewpoints, dedicated researchers and supportive ecosystems that help new researchers grow, develop and thrive. CIFAR’s Next Gen AI Training Programs – which include the DLRL Summer School and Borealis AI’s Let's SOLVE it initiative – are instrumental in helping develop young talent in Canada and around the world. And Borealis AI is proud to be involved,”

Portrait of Eirene Seiradaki

Dr. Eirene Seiradaki

Director of Research Partnerships at Borealis AI.

The global reach of the DLRL Summer School makes the initiative particularly impactful. While the Summer School is a Canadian-run program, it has attracted participants from 53 different countries, including Brazil, China, India, Iran, Italy, and the US. This year, more than 125 students will attend the virtual sessions hosted by some of the world’s leading speakers in the fields of AI and ML.
Attendees and sponsors will also come together to discuss industry trends and career opportunities at the Career Fair hosted at the DLRL Summer School. The event is tailored to ensure attendees get as much exposure as possible to the AI and ML ecosystem, connect to key employers in the field and learn more about potential opportunities in Industry organizations.
The DLRL Summer School program is led by CIFAR in close collaboration with Canada’s three national AI institutes – Amii in Edmonton, Mila in Montreal and the Vector Institute in Toronto  – who share Borealis AI’s goal of developing young talent in the field of AI.

“CIFAR's Next Gen AI Training Programs – including the DLRL Summer School – bring together students, academics and researchers to help grow and develop Canada’s AI ecosystem. But we can’t build a sustainable ecosystem without support and collaboration from diverse stakeholders. We're grateful for Borealis AI's commitment to the ecosystem and as a supporter of CIFAR's work to advance equity, diversity and inclusion,”

Portrait of Elissa Strome.

Dr. Elissa Strome

Executive Director of Pan-Canadian Ai Strategy at CIFAR

Borealis AI's Huyen Mori and Eirene Seirdaki chat with students and researchers at our virtual DL + RL booth.

Borealis AI’s Huyen Mori and Eirene Seirdaki chat with students and researchers at our virtual DL + RL booth.

The support of the DLRL Summer School program complements Borealis AI’s own initiatives designed to encourage young talent in AI and ML, including the Let’s SOLVE it program, aimed at undergraduates, and the Borealis AI internships, as well as Borealis AI Fellowships and other programs aimed at supporting graduate and post-doctoral talent and research.