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Advancing Responsible AI


Adversarial robustness is key to developing deep learning models: our Advertorch Python toolbox contains adversarial training scripts, modules to generate adversarial perturbations, and more.


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    Embracing complexity

    Engineers at Borealis AI solve challenging engineering problems in complex financial services domains. They get to work with a large customer set, extensive data, and significant computation resources of Canada’s biggest bank, and build best-in-class products and solutions for millions of clients.

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    Tech stack

    Typical tech stack includes: Python, PyTorch, NVIDIA GPU’s, cloud, Tech Radar, and more. Ask us about Borealis AI Common Platform our engineering team has recently launched!

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    Building products across business domains

    Machine Learning in finance is evolving quickly. Engineers often get to go beyond specific projects to build products and POCs across a wide variety of business domains.

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    Cross-functional collaboration

    The culture of cross-functional collaboration at Borealis AI means engineers work closely with world-class AI researchers, product managers, business development, and RBC partners.

Engineering Co-op

Borealis AI Engineering team runs a popular Co-op program where Machine Learning Software Engineers are involved in projects end to end, from data pre-processing to implementing machine learning algorithms and front-end development. Recruitment for this program is handled by RBC.