North Star
Research Areas

We focus on a set of challenging North Star research problems: Asynchronous Temporal Models, Non-Cooperative Learning in Competing Markets, and Machine Intelligence beyond Predictive ML.

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Academic Partnerships

Our partnerships enable us to benefit from the latest in academia and transform that knowledge into real-world impact.

Let’s SOLVE It

New and diverse perspectives, awareness of challenges specific to local communities, and commitment to making a difference are needed today more than ever. Let’s SOLVE it is a Borealis AI mentorship program for undergraduate students on a mission to solve real problem in their communities using AI. Let’s SOLVE it together.

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Supporting academic research sits at the core of Borealis AI. Our Fellowship program supports graduate students’ research and career goals, helping advance the science of AI.

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Research interns work with all our teams, collaborate with RBC on large-scale projects, and publish original research.

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