ATOM Foundation Model

Asynchronous Temporal Models

ATOM in Personal Banking

NOMI, RBC’s award winning product for personal banking, includes a suite of AI tools that help clients better manage their finances. For example, NOMI has the ability to recommend bill payees using customized predictions on our clients’ individual needs. In addition, NOMI Forecast predicts upcoming debits and credits to/from accounts, assisting clients in understanding future cash flows. Most recently, NOMI’s bill-reversal engine, warns clients about having manually input bill payment transactions that seem erroneous. This suite of AI-powered services, rooted in ATOM Foundation Models, work synergistically and in the background of everyday banking interactions.  

At its core, NOMI’s predictive capabilities follow the ATOM paradigm, analyzing transaction sequences to build a representation of a client’s transacting behaviour. Whether these are common bill payees, patterns of payroll deposits, subscription service payments, or the typical amounts of Interac e-transfers, ATOM can learn representations that can be used to make helpful predictions to aid our clients. 

Machine Learning for a better financial future

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