The Platform

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    The Prism platform evaluates agents’ models, offers order book visibility, and gives agents the ability to execute trades. Additionally, agents can utilize platform metrics to compare their model’s performance with that of their competitors.

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    A competition episode consists of a default trading agent, the Fundamental Agent (FT), which provides market liquidity and default market dynamics. The FT’s trading strategy remains undisclosed and varies between episodes.

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    To create their trading agents, participants can either write scripts using the Prism API schema or our Starter Kit. The platform offers a testing environment to ensure agents can interact with the Prism server.

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    The server provides access to a dashboard displaying market info such as recent trades, bid/ask data, and summary statistics. It also features a leaderboard that ranks participants based on their realized profits.

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Borealis AI hosts its first algorithmic trading competition. Take a look at the Prism competition in action.

The Prism Trading Competition

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