Portrait of Eirene Seiradaki

Dr. Eirene Seiradaki heads up Research Partnerships across Borealis AI’s network of labs. In her role, Eirene develops outreach strategies and drives collaborative research initiatives between Borealis AI and leading academic institutions worldwide. During her tenure here, Eirene has established partnerships with research institutions, such as the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McGill, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Vector Institute, MILA, Amii, MIT, Washington State University, and more.

Eirene holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and an M.A. from Princeton University. Prior to joining Borealis AI, she did research and taught a wide range of courses at both schools. Eirene is passionate about meaningful exchanges and partnerships between universities and industry, as a means to more efficiently address the challenges that both sides face.