Research Internship Program at Borealis AI provides a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge machine learning

If you are looking to expand your experience and enhance your university education by working on real-life business challenges with a fantastic team of people who will deeply care about your success and progress, we encourage you to apply for the Borealis AI Research Internship program. 
To help more applicants better understand what to expect, we’ve asked several interns to share what the research internship meant to them. In their own words, here’s your guide to what Borealis AI research interns get to do during their four-month term.

In their own words: What research interns say about their experience at Borealis AI

On conducting innovative machine learning research with supervision from industry-leading researchers: Jing Wang, one of Borealis AI interns, said this about the experience,

“During the internship, I got help from all levels—support from the infrastructure and engineering teams, inspiring suggestions and feedback from the research teams. I also learned much hands-on experience on project management which is super helpful for my future research.”

On joining a supportive and dynamic work culture and gaining first-hand experience in the type of research that shapes the future of finance: As another intern, Soheil Zabihi notes,

“Borealis AI's internship program gives students the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where asking questions is appreciated, and everyone is willing to help. 

On the opportunity to build industry networks and publish papers at top-tier conferences: Borealis AI’s internship program is dedicated to enriching the skillsets of students who want to make an impact in the AI and machine learning industry in a supportive space focused on career development. The program creates a platform for establishing crucial networking connections that will prevail throughout their career.

Taivanbat Badamdorj, who started at Borealis AI as an intern and recently joined the team full-time as a Research Engineer, says,

“Borealis AI is leading the way in different fields of machine learning that have yet to be explored, and I think that makes it even more exciting.”

Borealis AI interns also get the rare opportunity to advance scientific research and publish their work in top-tier machine learning conferences, such as NeurIPS, ICML, ACL and CVPR. The kinds of projects available for interns vary, but often students are thoroughly involved in major projects that may end up launched to the public, such as Aiden. This AI-based trading platform leverages deep reinforcement learning to make more than 32 million calculations per order and execute trading decisions based on live market data, dynamically adjusting to new information.

Zabihi says about his time at Borealis AI:

“Working with a team of talented ML engineers and researchers is a great opportunity to develop strong professional skills in the fast-moving world of ML tech and science. I can easily say that Borealis AI is a place of learning at the highest scientific and technical level for the intern students.”

On the compute resources interns get access to as part of the Borealis AI Research Internship program: While supportive and team culture is an attractive element of joining Borealis AI, the research internship also offers resources necessary to do cutting-edge machine learning work. In addition to an environment of fun and camaraderie, interns are given access to massive structured and unstructured datasets, tools, GPUs, and resources necessary to build game-changing statistical models.