NIPS by Day, NIPS by Night

The Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) symposium is the biggest annual event in the AI research community. This year’s conference eclipsed past events as 7,500 attendees flooded Long Beach, CA to present research, network and hear the top papers of the year. Borealis AI shipped a few human team members down to attend workshops, throw a swinging party by the pier, and share our work with the world. And while we were proud to present our work at the conference, it was our Yes, we GAN! t-shirts that proved the biggest draw. 

Check out some photos from the week, nimbly organized into NIPS by Day and NIPS by Night. And stay posted for some of our thoughts on what we thought were the most compelling and original trends from last week.

NIPS by Day

The official shot of NIPS 2017. Ian Goodfellow gets his GAN on

NIPS by Night

Group selfie