From industrial fabrics to industrial research, one of Montreal’s trendiest neighbourhoods is quickly becoming an AI epicentre. We’re excited to announce that our newest lab will open on rue Saint-Urbain in what was once an old Mile-Ex textile factory. We’ll share space with co-tenants Element AI, Université de Montréal/MILA, IVADO, Thales, and more.

Each location in our network of labs is situated within close proximity to university campuses. In order to foster academic partnerships and continue our open research collaborations, this is a non-negotiable. There are big enough problems in AI that no significant progress will be made by anyone in isolation. It takes a village to move forward and, in this particular case, we’re thrilled to be in the same village as such exceptional new neighbours.

Between our Montreal lab’s focus on Natural Language Processing, proximity to incredible coffee, and the vibrant energy of the street, we can’t wait to move in.