The Borealis AI Internship Program

Our focus is on creating an AI community that is diverse and inclusive. A community who applies their learning to solving challenges that truly improve our lives. 

Borealis AI offers research internships across all its labs in Canada. Our Interns support research on a wide variety of theoretical and applied machine learning projects. Working in our labs will give you unique access to massive structured and unstructured datasets with the tools and resources necessary to build game-changing statistical models.

Being part of our team means you’ll also have the opportunity to publish original research in peer-reviewed academic conferences such as NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, CVPR.

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Mitacs Internships

Borealis AI has partnered with Mitacs to offer internships in a collaborative setting between our labs and a Canadian university. This program requires that both applicants and their academic advisors submit a proposal to Mitacs for peer review. As such, it is recommended that applicants initiate this process with Borealis AI at least 6 months before the intended internship start date.

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