Meet Sedigheh Zolaktaf

Sedigheh is passionate about finding machine learning solutions that could positively impact important domains like healthcare. Her research involves predicting continuous-time Markov chains, with a focus on stochastic processes and simulations with applications to nucleic acid kinetics. 

Sedigheh Zolaktaf received her BSc in Computer Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Iran, in 2013, and MSc in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, Canada, in 2015. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms laboratories at the University of British Columbia. She chose a career in machine learning as it aligned with her interests in mathematics, coding and problem-solving. 

The Borealis AI 2020 fellowship has provided support to Sedigheh by recognizing the importance of her work. This award also motivates her to continue her research in the area of stochastic processes and nucleic acid kinetics. 

Outside of research, Sedigheh likes to stay active playing basketball and netball.