Meet Xiaohong Liu.

Interested in how ownership and copyright protection for media content is impacted by the rise of social media, Xiaohong’s research is focused on image watermarking and image forgery detection. More specifically his research involves new deep neural network architectures for blind image watermarking based on information-theoretic principles.

He is a third year Ph.D. student at McMaster University, supervised by Dr. Jun Chen. Xiaohong is interested in a career in machine learning because teaching machines complex tasks formerly only accomplished by humans excites him.

The Borealis AI fellowship has provided him with the opportunity continue his research and broaden its impact. The fellowship also leads him to join some of the most talented minds in ML an AI and advises him how to take his research and career further.  

A fun fact about Xiaohong is that he has a musical side, knowing how to play the accordion.

Check out Xiaohong Liu’s Google Scholar.