Borealis AI, meet at the airport

During the final stretch of November, the Borealis AI team logged over 75,000 group kilometres (TOR –> MTL –> EDM –> TOR) to introduce our research to university students across the country.

You like numbers? We like numbers. Here are a few more numbers. Between Montreal and Edmonton we stopped by three schools (UMontreal, UofA, McGill), created 90 slides, spoke to hundreds of students from MILA, Amii, the Reasoning and Learning Lab, the Mobile Robotics Lab, CIM and the McGill AI Society, complained about the cold on 4,212 independent occasions, and lost track of how many times Yanshuai ducked out to grab a “coffee”, never returned, then mysteriously showed up in the next city 5 minutes before his talk.

While we knew we’d generated interest, we were pleasantly surprised to present to packed houses on each stop, often with standing room only. Thank you to Prof. Bengio and Prof. Sutton for your warm and generous introductions of the lab, and to MILA, Amii, and McGill for helping us put together a wildly successful series of events.

Click on the image below to check out a few pixelated moments from the week.

Prof. Sutton introduces Borealis AI to University of Alberta students