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The Borealis AI team in Montreal for the ‘AI in Toronto’ event

Borealis AI hit the road (OK the air. Specifically, Porter air) on Wednesday evening to bring a bit of Toronto AI to La Belle Ville

Along with NextAI, Creative Destruction Lab, and the Vector Institute, Borealis AI hosted an “AI in Toronto” Happy Hour for students attending this week’s MILA Deep Learning Summer School at the Université de Montreal.

Students got a chance to recalibrate after a packed day with complimentary drinks and appetizers at the St. Houblon Cote de Neiges bar, a popular spot near campus. Guests mingled with fellow students and reps from the co-hosting organizations, who each gave a two-minute spiel about the many amazing post-graduate AI career opportunities in Toronto and Edmonton.

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Physical documentation of our spiel-in-action delivered by Research Team Lead and Head Spielmeister Gavin Ding

Mostly, however, it was a chance for our small but mighty community to come together, talk vectors, and make jokes about things using words like “variance” and “adversarial”. It was also the sort of event that required an effort to usher the partygoers back to their dorms at the evening’s end, the sign of a community that understands the best way to prepare their own neural networks for another full day of learning is by staying up really late to consume free chicken wings and beer.

Stay posted for more Borealis AI community events. For information about exciting job opportunities at our lab, bookmark our Careers page.

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Professor Joelle Pineau joins Borealis AI’s Eirene Seiradaki and friends for a night of Toronto AI and poutine just to remind everyone we were actually in Quebec

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Full house, zero Tanners

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