Borealis AI is proud to announce this year’s Borealis AI Fellowship recipients. With the support and guidance of Canada’s top researchers and AI institutes, the Borealis AI Fellowships encourage emerging AI and Machine Learning talent at Canadian universities to advance the field to the benefit of humankind.

Canada continues to stand tall as a global AI leader. According to the Tortoise Intelligence Global AI Index, Canada ranks fourth in terms of AI talent globally. Initiatives like the Borealis AI Fellowship aim to help attract new AI talent to Canadian research institutes and – more importantly – keep AI talent in Canada.

“There is a global competition for AI talent underway. Given the critical and growing role that AI and Machine Learning play in our societies and our economies, it is vital that Canada continue to attract and retain the world’s best AI and ML research talent. Borealis AI is proud to provide opportunities for talent to develop and thrive in the Canadian AI ecosystem,” noted Dr. Foteini Agrafioti, Head of Borealis AI.

The 2022 Borealis AI Fellowships have been awarded to talented researchers from various Canadian universities and provinces. Supported by leading Canadian faculty, including Dr. Doina Precup at McGill University, Dr. Aaron Courville and Dr. Yoshua Bengio at University of Montreal, Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh at Simon Fraser University and Dr. Raquel Urtasun at the University of Toronto, these ten Borealis AI Fellows will focus on a range of research areas that include safe Reinforcement Learning and clinical user-centered explainable AI for medical image analysis.

“It’s great to see Borealis AI supporting the next generation of AI researchers. I’m looking forward to working alongside new talent as they bring a fresh perspective to the industry. Congratulations to this year’s Fellowship honorees.” said Dr. Raquel Urtasun, Founder & CEO at Waabi, Professor at University of Toronto and Faculty Advisor for two Borealis AI Fellows,”

said Dr. Raquel Urtasun, Founder & CEO at Waabi, Professor at University of Toronto/Vector Institute and Faculty Advisor for two Borealis AI Fellows.

The Borealis AI 2022 Fellowships have been awarded to:

Portrait of Andrei Lupu

Faculty: Dr. Doina Precup and Dr. Jakob Foerster
Borealis AI 2022 Fellow: Andrei Lupu
Research topic: Collaborative multi-agent reinforcement learning and human-AI coordination

Portrait of Arushi Jain

Faculty: Dr. Doina Precup and Dr. Pierre-Luc Bacon
Borealis AI 2022 Fellow: Arushi Jain
Research topic: Safe Reinforcement Learning

Portrait of Dinghuai Zhang

Faculty: Dr. Aaron Courville and Dr. Yoshua Bengio
Borealis AI 2022 Fellow: Dinghuai Zhang
Research topic: Probabilistic inference, exploration with structure and distribution shift

Portrait of Max Schwarzer

Faculty: Dr. Aaron Courville and Dr. Marc Bellemare
Borealis AI 2022 Fellow: Max Schwarzer
Research topic: Data-Efficient Reinforcement Learning

Portrait of Andjela Mladenovic
Logo of Université de Montréal

Faculty: Dr. Gauthier Gidel
Borealis AI 2022 Fellow: Andjela Mladenovic
Research topic: Rethinking Online Algorithms in the Age of Machine Learning

Portrait of Weina Jin
Logo of SFU

Faculty: Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh and Dr. Xiaoxiao Li
Borealis AI 2022 Fellow: Weina Jin
Research topic: Clinical user-centered explainable AI for medical image analysis

Portrait of Sergio Casas Romero

Faculty: Dr. Raquel Urtasun
Borealis AI 2022 Fellow: Sergio Casas Romero
Research topic: End-to-end interpretable navigation for autonomous agents

Portrait of Yuwen Xiong

Faculty: Dr. Raquel Urtasun
Borealis AI 2022 Fellow: Yuwen Xiong
Research topic: Practical scene understanding in the wild

Portrait of Amin Rakhsha

Faculty: Dr. Amir-Massoud Farahmand
Borealis AI 2022 Fellow: Amin Rakhsha
Research topic: Reinforcement Learning

Portrait of Yi (Denny) Wu

Faculty: Dr. Jimmy Ba and Dr. Murat A. Erdogdu
Borealis AI 2022 Fellow: Yi (Denny) Wu
Research topic: Deep learning theory, high-dimensional statistics

“At Borealis AI, we understand that Canada’s AI and ML research ecosystem depends on a strong pipeline of incredible talent. The Borealis AI Fellowships – alongside Borealis AI programs like Let’s Solve it, the Borealis AI Internships and other Borealis AI student programs – are part of our ongoing commitment to grow and develop Canada’s thriving AI and ML ecosystems,” added Dr. Eirene Seiradaki, Director of Research Partnerships at Borealis AI.