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Take your ideas and research anywhere you want to go, working with researchers from top academic groups. Pursue curiosity-based research while publishing your work in top-tier academic conferences and journals.


Prime datasets without the right machinery is like a Ferrari running on a golf cart engine. Our huge computational power combined with our rich data resources will help you drive your research, barrel speed, toward state-of-the-art.


Work with massive datasets from decades of real market data. Datasets that can fuel state-of-the-art research in natural language processing, time-series analysis, graph mining, deep learning, reinforcement learning and more.


Borealis AI launches fellowship program to support and grow emerging AI talent in Canada

Continuing its commitment to academic excellence in fundamental research in artificial intelligence (AI), Borealis AI is launching the Borealis AI Graduate Fellowship Program, which will offer financial support to domestic and international students wishing to pursue graduate-level work in the fields of machine learning or artificial intelligence at a Canadian university.

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Prof. Marcus Brubaker

Research Director

Prof. Pascal Poupart

Research Director

Foteini Agrafioti

Head Borealis AI

Prof. Matthew Taylor

Research Director
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Working for a bank doesn’t mean you have to number-crunch in a cubicle, dream in Excel, and wear Gordon Gekko three-piece suits. Borealis AI offers a stimulating work environment and the platform to do world-class machine learning in a start-up culture. If contemplating on how machines can autonomously build knowledge from observation is what you do in your spare time, then you are one of us. We move quickly, challenge each other, and are here to invent the future of banking.

Does this sound like you? Then let’s talk. You can join us full-time or as an intern. Check out the career opportunities listed below and watch for more opportunities as our team grows.

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