AI is transforming industries. Whether it’s healthcare or global warming, cyber security or customer service, I’m constantly amazed and excited about the potential for machine learning to help businesses and society address some of today’s biggest challenges. 

However, for modern AI to be performed properly and to succeed at scale, researchers and engineers need access to large datasets – the kind that are held by only a few companies worldwide. At the same time, the need to protect sensitive and private information is paramount.  

To me, this is where the real opportunity lies. How can we ensure that AI is accessible to all in a safe and ethical manner? 

At Borealis AI, we are championing the importance of Responsible AI by researching and developing practical solutions to enable a safer and more ethical adoption of AI technology. It includes a wide-range of considerations including privacy, accountability, transparency and bias and is critical to maintaining trust and accountability. 

I recently recorded a panel discussion for Collision from Home where I touched on this opportunity, and the responsibility we have to ensure responsible AI for all. You can check out the Untapped Potential of AI recording in the video above.