Bringing people together drives collaboration. Bringing a diverse group of people together drives imagination. As a Diversity and Inclusion sponsor of the 2021 EMNLP Conference, Borealis AI will inspire both.

The 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP) is the preeminent forum for collaboration around computational linguistics and natural language processing. This year’s conference is expected to attract around 4,000 attendees, both physical and virtual. But, for a wide variety of reasons, forums like this can be often be difficult to access for some researchers. And that directly impacts diversity.

As a Diversity and Inclusion sponsor of the EMNLP, we aim to support researchers facing various types of hardships. We are helping provide accommodations for researchers with disabilities. We are helping to subsidize attendance for those dealing with financial hardship, those with family or childcare responsibilities, and those first-time attendees from underrepresented regions or groups. And we are helping to enable remote participation for researchers unable to travel to the conference.

Borealis AI is dedicated to growing, strengthening and diversifying the global machine learning talent pool through innovative and smart partnerships like our Diversity and Inclusion sponsorship of EMNLP 2021,

noted Dr. Eirene Seiradaki, Director of Research Partnerships at Borealis AI.

We look forward to meeting the attendees at our virtual booth and we are excited to see what new ideas, models and technologies will emerge from the event.

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