Borealis AI is supporting a newly established machine learning course offered by Korbit, an educational technology company and creator of Korbi, an interactive deep learning tutor in collaboration with Mila, the Québec Artificial Intelligence Institute.

The online course includes a four-week-long introduction to machine learning and deep learning, featuring lectures from Mila professors Yoshua Bengio, Laurent Charlin, Audrey Durand and Aaron Courville. Korbi, an NLP based technology that has spun out of research at Mila, will use AI to personalize the learning experience by interacting with students live and guiding them through the course material. The course will be offered online for free to anyone interested in learning the introductory concepts of machine learning and deep learning.

Borealis AI is excited to be collaborating with the Korbit team on this project. Providing AI training at scale is imperative for our communities, and we are proud to be supporting a Canadian startup company with such strong machine learning expertise” says Dr Simon Prince, Research Director at Borealis AI Montreal.

The program is offered in an effort to democratize AI education by a world-class research centre in Québec. AI experts are of high demand in recent years and Canada has amongst the world’s brightest minds in the space. Mila and Korbit aim to reduce the AI talent gap in the industry through a platform that can be accessed and used to educate engineers and researchers worldwide.

To date, over 1,600 students around the world have signed up for Korbit’s machine learning course since May 2019. Preliminary results are promising, showing an increase in student engagement as well as an increase in positive learning outcomes after interacting with the AI tutor.

Click here to enrol in the course or to learn more about AI tutoring. See you in class!