This week, Borealis AI opened the doors to its Waterloo office to celebrate the newly established research centre in one of Canada’s most vibrant and entrepreneurial tech communities. With a mix of guests from academia and industry, this event provided an opportunity for guests to mingle, discuss AI, and learn more about Borealis AI.

Located at the heart of the University of Waterloo and housed in the new Evolv1 building, a leading space in sustainable design and the first ever zero-carbon office building in Canada, Borealis AI’s office features a unique design that draws inspiration from the campus life with a teacher’s lounge, a science lab, a track, and a field pitch. 

It was a natural fit for Borealis AI to establish its fifth research lab in Waterloo, a city anchored by the University of Waterloo, a world-class institution, and flanked by a number of innovative AI start-ups and tech companies. Our Waterloo centre strengthened our existing ties to the city and its strong research community, dating back to Borealis AI’s early days in 2016. Borealis AI is a proud supporter of, the university’s artificial intelligence institute.

True to our vision of supporting Waterloo’s AI community, we are also pleased to announce Borealis AI’s support for the Leader’s Prize at True North, powered by COMMUNITECH. The Prize is “a national competition that challenges Canadian thinkers to solve a major societal or industry problem of global proportion and consequence.” Teams will compete in employing AI/ML to produce solutions that automate “the fact-checking process and flag whether a claim is true or false.” Professor Pascal Poupart, Principal Researcher at Borealis AI, will be heading up the scientific committee for the competition.

For more photos from our event, click below.

Borealis AI Waterloo Celebration 50