The International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) is the premier gathering of professionals dedicated to the advancement of the branch of artificial intelligence (AI) called representation learning, generally referred to as deep learning.

ICLR is globally renowned for presenting and publishing cutting-edge research on all aspects of deep learning used in AI, statistics and data science, as well as critical application areas such as machine vision, computational biology, speech recognition, text understanding, gaming, and robotics. Such a breath of research attracts various attendees, from academic and industrial researchers to entrepreneurs and engineers to graduate students and postdocs.

With ICLR being held in Vienna, Austria, from May 7th to May 11th, 2024, the Borealis AI team is travelling across the globe to showcase our latest research and the cutting-edge work our teams are doing to advance AI in financial services.

Supporting the Research Community 

Canada’s future as a world leader in AI requires us to work together as a community to bolster and grow the whole AI ecosystem, from institutes and universities to start-ups and companies. Therefore, Borealis AI is proud to be a gold sponsor of ICLR 2024 alongside other leading AI companies.

Borealis AI is also committed to building a team of the best AI researchers and engineers to ensure we have the talent to explore and harness AI technology and redefine what a bank can do. We are excited to meet some of the brightest minds in the industry and discuss the latest advancements in the field. Our team will be at booth #10 all week to connect and build relationships with ICLR participants, discuss our accepted papers, and showcase our latest research, product portfolio, and unique career opportunities.

Our Research on the Global Stage 

As one of Canada’s leading AI research institutes, Borealis AI is proud to have our research recognized at ICLR 2024.

Accepted Papers 

Accepted Workshop Papers

Our research being accepted to top-tier conferences such as ICLR holds immense significance at Borealis AI. It validates the quality and impact of our research. The rigorous peer review process at ICLR ensures that only high-quality work gets accepted and presenting our work at this venue provides visibility and fosters collaboration with leading researchers and practitioners from around the world.

Hossein Hajimirsadeghi

Principal Researcher, Borealis AI 

Throughout ICLR, we will share additional insights into this work with a series of blogs from our research team.

Unique Opportunities 

As we continue to deliver on our mission to build the AI ecosystem in Canada, we believe participating in events like ICLR provides us solid platforms to encourage, grow and diversify AI and Machine Learning (ML) in Canada.

I’m excited to go and meet with the international ML community. After conferences such as ICLR, I find I come away with a hundred new ideas and better knowledge about the state of the art.

Portrait of Dave Evans

Dave Evans

Senior Research Engineer, Borealis AI

Attending #ICLR2024? Let’s Chat!

If you plan on attending ICLR in Vienna from May 7th to 11th, 2024, we encourage you to visit our booth and chat about all things AI in finance with our team. You can keep up with #ICLR2024 on our social channels – we’ll share blogs, recommended papers, open roles, and daily highlights.