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The work that we do at Borealis AI impacts millions of people across Canada and beyond. The AI ecosystem is growing and thriving. New and diverse perspectives, awareness of challenges specific to local communities, backgrounds, and commitment to making a difference are needed today more than ever.

Let’s SOLVE it is a Borealis AI mentorship program that provides undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds with mentorship, contacts, training and guidance they would need to make their project a reality. Interested? All you need is a good idea, a team of peers, a strong sense of curiosity, and commitment to making a difference. 

A red neural network in the shape of a Canadian maple leaf.

Applications are now closed.

For this inaugural edition of the program, we were looking for teams of 3 to 5 undergraduate students with ideas on how AI / ML could be used to tackle a specific community problem. Here’s how the program will work:

  1. The mentorship program is free and will be conducted virtually this year. With this new program, we aim to support students from a diversity of backgrounds, geographic locations and universities.
  2. The program runs from October 1st to December 2nd, designed to fall within the school semester.
  3. You’ll need to commit about 10 hours per week during that time.
  4. This program is open to all undergraduate students at all Canadian universities. You don’t need to be enrolled in a Computer Sciences program – if team members have some basic programming knowledge, this will help; but specific experience using AI or ML isn’t necessary.
  5. The application process closed at 11:59pm ET on September 6th, 2021. 

Let's SOLVE it, together

If you are an undergraduate student with dreams of pioneering the next game-changing community solution using AI and ML, we want to help you get there.



Jumpstart your career

Get access to a diverse group of industry experts who can help you develop your idea and your skill set. Build connections with ML industry experts and gain valuable technical guidance and training, and will be helpful if you decide to launch your career or further studies in AI and ML.



Solve real problems

Help improve your local community by creating a viable ML solution that solves a clear community problem. You will get all the support and mentorship from our team to turn your ideas into a viable proof-of-concept.



Discover how to apply AI to turn your ideas into reality

Give this semester more meaning and purpose outside of the course curriculum. As the interest in AI/ML grows, it is our hope that with support from Borealis AI, students can take ideas and make them happen, using cutting-edge technology and resources we can provide.

The new Let's SOLVE it mentorship program is among our key initiatives that Borealis AI and RBC support, along with the Borealis AI Fellowship program for post-grad students and our Internship program for Masters-level students. Our goal is to encourage diversity, innovation, and nurture the AI leaders of tomorrow.