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  • Has it Trained Yet? Workshop

    A Workshop for Algorithmic Efficiency in Practical Neural Network Training. We all think we know how to train neural nets, but we seem to have different ideas. Let’s discuss which methods truly speed up training!

    Borealis AI’s paper ‘Training a Vision Transformer from scratch in less than 24 hours with 1 GPU‘ by Saghar Irandoust, Thibaut Durand, Yunduz Rakhmangulova, Wenjie Zi, Hossein Hajimirsadeghi has been accepted to this workshop.

    8:30am – 5:00pm In-person @ NeurIPS 2022

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  • Workshop on Meta-Learning (MetaLearn 2022)

    This workshop aims to address questions like “What is the relationship between meta-learning, continual learning, and transfer learning?” and more.

    Borealis AI’s paper ‘Efficient Queries Transformer Neural Processes‘ by Leo Feng, Hossein Hajiirsadeghi, Yoshua Bengio, Mohamed Osama Ahmed has been accepted to this workshop.

    In-person @ NeurIPS 2022

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  • Join this AI-powered stock market simulation challenge

    The Prism Trading Competition invites any aficionados in forecasting, trading, or adversarial attacks to join this fun lighthearted challenge, test out your model capabilities, and win prizes. Prepare to buy high and sell low.. wait, inverse that. The Prism arena awaits.

    Competition starts on January, 31st 2023.

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  • Want to know a little more before applying?

    Everything you need to know from competition rules, format and how to pull your first call.

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