Ruizhi Deng

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Research Intern

MSc Computer Science, Simon Fraser University

Research Areas

Adversarial Learning

Deep Learning


July 12, 2020

Modeling Continuous Stochastic Processes with Dynamic Normalizing Flows

Workshop on Invertible Neural Networks, Normalizing Flows, & Explicit Likelihood Models (ICML), 2020
Authors: R. Deng , B. Chang, M. Brubaker , G. Mori , A. Lehrmann
Dec. 14, 2019

Point Process Flows

Workshop on Learning with Temporal Point Processes (NeurIPS), 2019
Authors: *N. Mehrasa, *R. Deng , M. O. Ahmed , B. Chang, J. He , T. Durand , M. Brubaker , G. Mori
* Denotes equal contribution
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