Nidhi Hegde

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Research Team Lead

PhD Computer Science, University of Missouri

Nidhi Hegde is a team lead in the Applied Machine Learning group at Borealis AI.  She currently leads a project on differential privacy.  Prior to joining Borealis AI this year, Nidhi was at Bell Labs, leading a research team on machine learning for networks.  Nidhi has been a part of research teams in industry labs, such as Technicolor and Orange as well as academic labs such as INRIA in France.

Research Areas

Reinforcement Learning

Online Learning

Differential Privacy


April 22, 2019

Private Q-Learning with Functional Noise in Continuous Spaces

The Multidisciplinary Conference on Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making (RLDM), 2019
Authors: B. Wang , N. Hegde
Picture of Nidhi Hegde