Hamidreza Saghir

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Research Engineer

PhD Biomedical/Medical Engineering, University of Toronto

Hamidreza is a machine learning researcher at Borealis AI. He works on a suite of machine learning problems including deep generative models and applications in areas such as natural language processing. Prior to joining Borealis AI, Hamidreza founded and served as chief executive officer (CEO) at Recreate Robotics, a computer vision and robotics company, and the maker of RoboGoalie robotic goalkeeper for soccer and hockey. Hamidreza previously worked on developing algorithms for the detection of health problems from heart and brain signals at the University of Toronto where he received a doctorate in biomedical engineering. Outside work, Hamidreza enjoys occasional nature walks and reading about philosophy, economics, and Persian literature.

Research Areas

Unsupervised Learning

Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing

Bayesian Inference

Reinforcement Learning


June 17, 2019

A Cross-Domain Transferable Neural Coherence Model

Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), 2019
Authors: P. Xu , H. Saghir , J. Kang , L. Long , A. J. Bose, Y. Cao , J. Cheung
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