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Applications 2022




Applicant Acknowledgment

I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided on my resume and/or profile, is complete and accurate in every respect. I understand that a false statement or omission of facts therein may disqualify me from receiving the fellowship or result in my subsequent discharge.

If you are one of the selected winners :

You agree and consent to participate in announcement plans by Borealis AI (including but not limited to announcement of the winners' names and the use of their pictures in our website, blog posts, promotion in social media posts, interviews, videos, celebration gatherings and other promotional activities). You further acknowledge that you, or any third party representing you will not be given monetary compensation for the use of these promotional materials. This promotional material maybe combined, modified or edited according to RBC's discretion for the purposes of producing, and distributing materials related to promotions, advertisements, and communications.

You agree to submit a 2-to-5-page final report to Borealis AI that outlines how this award helped you advance your studies in the field of machine learning (ML). The deadline for this report is August 31, 2021. If you plan to graduate in the summer of 2021, the submission deadline moves up to June 1, 2021. At the end of your report, you should also indicate if you would like to give a presentation to Borealis AI. You should email your final report to mi.research@borealisai.com with the subject line: Borealis AI Global Fellowship 2020 Final Report.

All Borealis AI-sponsored results must explicitly credit Borealis AI. Borealis AI funding can be acknowledged in publications by using the following statement: “This work was supported by Borealis AI through the Borealis AI Global Fellowship Award.” If you are acknowledging Borealis AI, please also email us to notify us.

All networking activities initiated by your project for which Borealis AI funds are used must also credit the institute. The Borealis AI logo is available in multiple formats for use in advertising (such as posters) and social media. Please request it along with the respective Trademark agreement at mi.research@borealisai.com with the subject line: Borealis AI Logo Request for Fellowship Acknowledgment.

By clicking “Submit” you will be submitting your candidate profile and/or application for a fellowship with Royal Bank of Canada and/or its subsidiaries ("RBC Companies").

RBC Companies respect your personal privacy. The personal information you electronically submit is kept in a secure database. Should you be considered for a fellowship with RBC Companies, the collection and subsequent use or disclosure of your information is limited to generally accepted fellowship-related purposes to those with a need to know. This includes information disclosed to third party providers for required verification and any legal or regulatory requirements. Your information will be retained in the database to allow you to be considered for future fellowship opportunities and to meet RBC Companies’ legal and regulatory obligations.

RBC Companies provide you with the ability to access, revise or edit this information at any time.