Marcus Brubaker


Academic Advisor

PhD Computer Science, University of Toronto

Marcus Brubaker is Research Director of Borealis AI’s Toronto research center. He is also Assistant Professor of Computer Science at York University and Adjunct Professor in the University of Toronto Department of Computer Science. Originally from the United States, he moved to Canada in 2001 to study at the University of Toronto where he received his PhD in 2011. He also did postdocs at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, Toronto Rehabilitation Hospital and the University of Toronto. His research interests span computer vision, machine learning and statistics.

Dr. Brubaker is a member of the Centre for Vision Research and core member of the Vision: Science to Application (VISTA) program at York University. He is also currently serving as an Associate Editor for the journal IET Computer Vision, an Area Chair for ECCV 2018 and Student Volunteer Chair for CVPR 2018.

Research Areas

Computer Vision


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* Denotes equal contribution
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