Prof. Jackie Cheung

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Academic Advisor

PhD Computer Science, University of Toronto

Prof. Cheung is Assistant Professor in Computer Science at McGill University, where he’s also head of the Reason and Learning Lab and Academic Advisor to the Montreal Borealis AI research center. Prof. Cheung is an expert in Natural Language Processing. At McGill, his group conducts research in natural language processing (NLP), an area of artificial intelligence in which we build computational models of human languages such as English or French. The goal of our research is to develop computational methods for understanding text and speech, in order to generate language that is fluent and appropriate to the context.

Research Areas

Natural Language Processing


July 12, 2020

On Variational Learning of Controllable Representations for Text without Supervision

International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2020
Authors: P. Xu , J. Cheung , Y. Cao
July 28, 2019

A Cross-Domain Transferable Neural Coherence Model

Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), 2019
Authors: P. Xu , H. Saghir, J. Kang , L. Long , A. J. Bose, Y. Cao , J. Cheung
Picture of Prof. Jackie Cheung