Ivan Kobyzev

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PhD Mathematics, Western University

Research Areas

Natural Language Processing

Reinforcement Learning


July 12, 2020

Tails of Lipschitz Triangular Flows

International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2020
Authors: P. Jaini, I. Kobyzev , Y. Yu, M. Brubaker
June 6, 2020

Normalizing Flows: An Introduction and Review of Current Methods

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (IEEE), 2020
March 20, 2020

Representation Learning for Dynamic Graphs: A Survey

Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR), 2020
Authors: M. Kazemi , R. Goel, K. Jain, I. Kobyzev , A. Sethi, P. Forsyth , P. Poupart
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